____..Ing. arch. Ivan Palacký, licensed by the Czech Chamber of Architects an association of architects seated in Brno, Czech Republic

____..deliver a full-scope of services in the areas of architecture, urban ____ ____..planning and interior design integrating services of experienced
____..specialist consultants to ensure the highest standard of design and
____..project delivery

____..offer a15-year experience in a broad range of residential, community, ____..commercial and industrial architecture as well as historical and listed
____..Our services include preparatory stages from surveying to preparation ____..of large investment units

____..In order to realise our client´s hopes and dreams, SOIP architects ____ ____..provide all phases of project documentation, namely:

____..Concept and Architectural Sketch Plan

____..Documentation for Urban Plan Agreement

____..Documentation for Building Permit

____..Building Documentation

____..Contract Administration - architectural and technical supervision

____..SOIP architects portfolio presents a selection of projects that aptly ____ ____..characterise the main principles of the association´s work:

____..A detailed analysis of the area in question – a solid basis for a ____ ____ ____..meaningful solution

____..A simple, easy-to-read concept

____..An ecological and low-energy design as our standard approach

____..Emphasis on natural materials

____..Lavičky 778/3, 641 00 Brno - Žebětín, Czech Republic +420 736 177 966

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